SAM4s SPS-345 Cash Register


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Get this register for only $279.00 when you bundle with a merchant services account. Price includes, the cash register, integrated pin pad, programming, shipping and our Gold support plan.

Click here to view the SAM4s SPS-345 Information in Acrobat Reader (308 kb). Right click on the link to save the brochure onto your hard drive.

Product Description

The SAM4s SPS-345 cash register is setting a new standard for the simple retail cash register. With this model we have everything we liked about the wildly successful ER-650R with some great additional features. The first difference you will see of course is the color, rather then the traditional beige the 345 comes in black which looks much nicer. The color is not the only thing that has changed of course. The two biggest features that improved this model over the 650R is a two station printer and an SD card port. The two station printer means this register has a receipt printer which of course can be set to print on demand. The journal tape prints and is stored in the register on a take up spool. If you have never used a register with a journal before you will find it indispensable when you are tracking down an over ring or auditing sales of a cashier. The SD card port brings data portability to the SAM4s line. Now you no longer need a software program in order to back up your data, simply insert an inexpensive SD card copy your register data that you may have spent hours and hours building. There are other innovative features of the SPS-345 as well like enough on-board memory to accommodate a large C-Store or liquor store database. Free software for programming, multiple serial ports, and media slots on the cash drawer complete the improvements from the 650R.

There are also many value added features that can be added to this machine to make the most of your check out process. Customers will be able to pay with credit card or gift cards directly at the register, which dramatically increases check our speed and accuracy. This is accomplished by adding a Datacap or SmartECR to the register. With most merchant processors you can offer your own gift cards, which can make you a lot more profit. The big guys have been ringing gift card programs for a very long time, now you can participate too. Another very useful add on feature is using text overlay from this machine to your DVR system. Just imagine being able to see what your cashiers are actually ringing up and what they are really selling. No more can they ring up a candy bar while handing their buddy a pack of cigarettes. This feature allows you to close the loop hole on the age old problem of cashier's sweet hearting, possibly costing you thousands of dollars maybe more.

This register works very well for the do it your selfer or we can program it for you at a very affordable price. Whether you are using bar code scanning or ringing in prices into open groups on the keyboard this model is very easy to use and take reports from. If you have any questions about this register system please give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

Here are some additional features

  • Adjustable 8-Line Alpha-Numeric Liquid Crystal Display
  • Two Standard RS-232C Ports Two Optional Serial Ports Compatible with the Datacap Transerver or Sterling SmartECR Credit Card interface/pin pad.
  • Reliable High-Speed Thermal Printer Drop-and-Print Paper Loading Lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. Impact Printer
  • Prints User Defined Graphic Logos, Coupons or Advertising Messages
  • SD Card - Save/Load, Update, Archive
  • Optional UPC Scanning
  • Firmware based on the ER-650, ER-650R