Cash Register to Credit Card Interface

Integrate your cash register with credit card payments and make more money by increasing speed and reducing fraud and mistakes.

Integrating Credit Card payments to your Cash Register will make you more money. Interfacing your Cash Register to a Credit Card Payment Terminal eliminates errors, speeds up operations, and reduces and or eliminate theft.

Many Sharp, and SAM4s Electronic Cash Registers are capable of interfacing to credit card payment terminals made by Datacap. The most popular is the Twin Tran which is a dual mode device featuring IP and Dial connections and can authorize a transaction in 2 to 4 seconds . The Datacap Twin Tran is available for Free or low cost when you sign up with one of our payment processor partners.

Several of our processors also offers a FREE or low cost Gift Card Program that also is integrated to your Cash Register. These programs allow you to offer your own private label gift card.

Please give us a call 1-800-863-2274 or email us to discuss how Cash Register to Credit Card interface works and the cost break down.

cash register Datacap interface

SAM4s Cash Registers that Interface with Credit Card Payments

Sharp Cash Registers that interface with Credit Card Payments

Datacap Interface Models

Most SAM4s cash registers now support Credit Card Interface with EMV readers. Older models don't support EMV readers however all the current models that feature optional payment interface support EMV support.