Datacap Credit Card Inteface

Datacap's Tran™ Series solutions enable your SAM4s POS or cash register system to accept credit cards directly including EMV-chipped cards, swiped credit, pin based debit cards, check cards, EBT, FSA, and gift cards with virtually all payment processors in North America with one, simple interface.

Datacap processors

Here at the Cash Register Guys we are experts at integrating payments with your register with the Datacap Tran products. We offer re-programming services as well when you want to change processors or upgrade your Datacap.

Datacap devices like the TwinTran enable many SAM4s or Sharp cash registers to authorize electronic payments via the Internet with automatic dial backup. The TwinTran is the most popular and it uses a regular telephone line to provide redundant communication with no intervention from the operator. Replacing cumbersome stand-beside terminals and eliminating the need for a PC to connect to the Inter-net, Datacap devices free up counter space, speeds customer throughput, reduces administration time, fights employee fraud and eliminates costly dedicated phone lines. Datacap devices like the TwinTran can be interfaced to many embedded systems, including cash registers, kiosks, parking systems, car wash systems and vending machines, and supports major payment processors for credit, debit, check, gift and loyalty transactions.