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The SAM4pos HM616 Tablet is a full function POS terminal or used with the one of the many SAM4pos Terminals. Take your business into the 21st century with the SAM4pos Tablet empowered by the Android SAM4pos software.

The SAM4pos Hand Held Tablet is a very versatile POS device because it can be used on it's own as an entire POS system or as a part of a larger system. One of the very unique aspects of the HM616 Tablet is not only can it be used in restaurants to take orders at the table or drive through but also in retail stores to count stock or even add items on the fly.

You can use this mobile POS terminal in restaurants for table side ordering, line busting and even for an order taker at the drive through. The SAM4pos Tablet can be used in the same system with full size touch screens too. As an example, you could have a standard 15" touch screen terminal behind the bar and the servers could be using these tablets at the table.

The SAM4pos Tablet for Retail Stores is quite the useful tool. This tablet can be used as a Mobile POS terminal, Line Buster or data collector. With this POS Tablet you can walk the aisles of your store updating prices, adding items or even entering stock.

This Tablet POS system is self-contained, yes that is right the SAM4pos does not require the cloud. If you don't want your data living in the cloud than this is the system for you. It has it all, mobile, fast, secure and affordable. Another nice thing about the SAM4pos Tablet POS system is it also allows you to use any credit card merchant processor you want, we don't lock you into any one provider.

To find out if this is the Tablet POS system for you please feel free to contact us for more details. We can even arrange a demonstration for you. Call us at 800-863-2274

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