SAM4pos Downloads and How to videos

SAM4pos is the Android POS application from SAM4s that operates the popular models SAP-530R, SAP-530F, SAP-630F, SAP-630R SAP-4800II, SAP-6600 and the SAM4s Tablet. Here we have collected for you to download different operating and programming manuals.

SAM4pos Manual Downloads

Self Help Videos for the SAM4pos system Below are some self help videos we have created for the SAM4pos system and different hardware it works with. We also have a YouTube Channel with additional video resources.

Making a backup on the SAM4s SAP-630R or the 630F Please make sure you make backups often and there are also ways to automate backup procedures as well.

Making a Backup on the SAP-6600 and SAP-6600II Terminals

How to turn the receipt on and off in SAM4pos