Cash Register Computer Interface Software PC Poll and SAM4s

Cash Register Software

Cash Register Programming software also known as Polling Software allows you to program your cash register from a computer. Another function of most software is Polling or retrieving your sales reports ("Z") reports from the cash register and to your computer. Polling software can be directly connected to your cash register or often times the connection can be made via the Internet or LAN depending on your cash register make and model. Using Polling Software in most cases will allow you to export your sales reports into other software systems for accounting or additional reporting. Most SAM4s and Sharp Cash Registers are compatible with Polling Software. We offer two brands of Polling software. PC POLL for SAM4s and Sharp cash registers and SAM software designed specifically for SAM4s cash registers

  • PC Poll software for SAM4s cash registers and Sharp cash registers

    PC Poll software for SAM4s cash registers and Sharp cash registers

    PC/POLL SYSTEMS polling and programming software can help your business collect and utilize information from electronic cash registers (ECRs). PC/POLL works with Sharp Cash registers, Samsung Cash Registers, Casio Cash Registers, and TEC Cash Registers.PC Poll Version 7 supports high speed polling of your register via the Internet
  • SAM4s software for cash registers

    SAM4s software for cash registers

    With easy to use Windows based SAM4s software Series software from CRS, you can poll your Samsung or SAM4s electronic cash register and automatically update your inventory records. SAM4s software provides convenient PLU file management at your personal computer, some models packaged with basic inventory control features and reports.