Cash Drawer Inserts - Tills

Inserts are the removable tray inside the cash drawer although often they are referred to as a till. Most inserts for SAM4s and Sharp cash registers feature five bill compartments and five coin compartments. The part of the insert that moves up and down and holds the bills in place is called a bill weight. The spring attached to that part is known as the bill weight spring.

All the SAM4s cash register inserts are made of heavy duty plastic making them very durable. The bill weights have been made both in plastic and metal. The most popular are the metal bill weights which are found in all new modern models. Some inserts do have a locking lid options however those are rarely used any longer.

Both SAM4s and Sharp cash registers inserts are available in multiple models. Please ensure you confirm the model and possibly the size. The SAM4s SPS-2000 model is the most difficult to find a replacement drawer because the SPS-2000 did not come with a standard drawer.