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Product Description

Since Sharp has gotten out of the cash register business there are very few parts available. There are no more original inserts for Sharp models. We do offer a SAM4s insert that is very close and will work. Models in the drop down list marked with an * are not the factory original and are about 0.25" of an inch less wide and about 0.13" smaller front to back. We have tested these in all the models listed and they work just fine just don't fit as snuggly as the original. If you don't see your model listed you can call to see if we have any options at 1-800-863-2274 Models marked with an Asterisk * ARE NOT THE FACTORY ORIGINAL AND ARE SLIGHTLY SMALLER. THESE ARE THE BEST REPLACEMENT WE HAVE FOUND. PLEASE NOTE SHARP NO LONGER MAKE CASH REGISTERS OR PARTS.