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Thank you for visiting our website. The Cash Register Guys website is owned and operated by National Business Systems, Inc. We have been in the cash register business since 1972 in the Seattle market. While we have also embraced computer based POS systems we continued to invest in and grow our cash register business too. When other dealers moved to computer POS only we grew our cash register division to a nationwide business that also thrives in Canada as well. Cash registers continue to be very popular with mom and pop businesses where a computer based POS system would be overkill or just simply too expensive. We can help your business determine if a cash register system might work for you too.

Many years ago we partnered with SAM4s as our primary line of cash registers and we are so happy to have made that partnership. While so many other electronics companies shifted to computer based POS systems SAM4s did exactly what we did in focusing on both Cash Register Systems and Computer POS equipment. SAM4s has taken the cash register to levels no one thought possible before. This vision has created some of the most used cash register models in the United States and Canada. SAM4s continues to break new ground and in 2018 brought the first Android based cash register to market and we were there to help with the beta testing all over the country.

Give us a call at 800-863-2274 and you will quickly find out that we are a cash register business. This is not a side business for us, it is our main business and we know what we are doing. When you call the cash register guys you will reach a company that know cash registers, how they work, how to implement them and how to help you get a cost effective system.

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