Mobile Sam4POS Database Maintenance License


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Product Description

Manage your SAM4pos UPC Database on a Mobile Tablet

This application allows you the freedom to manage your items anywhere in your store when added to the mobile tablet for the SAM4pos system.

Just imagine having the flexibility to walk around your store or warehouse and add items or edit items on the fly. Well, you no longer have to just imagine that you can do it today when you add this license and tablet. This App allows you to make changes to your POS system all while your store is open without interfering with the system at all. You can add new items to your database or change a price on an existing item and seconds later that item or changes are part of your live system. The possibilities are almost endless with what you can do with this App and Tablet all while you are open and all mobile. This App once installed on the Tablet communicates to the POS via WiFi. Using the Tablet with a built in 2D scanner makes it that much easier to walk your store aisles changing prices. It does not get much easier to manage a UPC database then using this product.

This SAM4pos Application was designed just for managing your UPC Database which is what makes it different from the standard App

This version of the App is a scaled down version of the original license you have on your POS device. This is why its sells for less, because it only has the ability to program and manage your UPC Database, Cashiers, and other POS functions. It does not have the ability to sell items or work as a line buster as an example. All of those features are available if you purchased the full license instead of the UPC Management License.

*The forever license also known as the five year license never expires, the five years refers to how long you will receive software updates. The one-year license does expire in one year.