SAM4s SAP-630R Android Cash Register Terminal

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Product Description

The cash register POS system every retailer has been waiting for is reality now. The SAM4s SAP-630R Android Cash Register Terminal combines the best of the POS world with the tried and true cash register. You no longer need to give up features of a cash register to use a POS system. The SAM4s SAP-630R combined with the SAM4pos software application results in high end POS features most operators want but keep the fast and durable aspects of a cash register.

The SAM4s SAP-630R gives you a large raised keyboard for fast and accurate entry, a large touch screen to maximize visibility, a built in 3 1/8th" thermal receipt printer along with a commercial grade five bill five coin cash drawer. With the retail style keyboard the 630R includes you will find entering a price much easier and accurate than on a touch screen alone. Of course you will be using a bar code scanner for most sales we all know from time to time you have to enter a price or manually enter a UPC number. As far as speed and accuracy at the POS you won't find anything faster because that is what it was designed for.

Let's talk about reports and programming now. The SAM4pos Application on the 630R empowers you like no cash register could have ever done. This cash register has a database for reporting and programming. This cash register will email you reports or how about using the mobile app on your phone to get up to the minute sales reports wherever you are. Yes you heard right, grab your phone and open the SAM4s Mobile App and seconds later you have up to date sales reports. You can even log into this register remotely with team viewer. This is not your father's cash register this is a modern purpose built register based POS system.

Take advantage of the Scan Data Program from Altria, RJR, and ITG with this system When you utilize the programs made available from the big tobacco companies you can begin offering your customers instant rebates and the multi-pack discounts. This brings your customers back more often and increases your sales. You might be surprised at how many of your regular customers drive past you when buying tobacco because someone else is giving them these discounts. Now you can offer the same program and you should take advantage of this. Here at the Cash Register Guys, we have partnered with BandyWorks a leading provider of the Scan Data reporting program the cigarette companies rely on for operators like you to offer this program. If you have questions about implementing a Scan Data program call Harrison at 800-863-2274.

The SAM4s SAP-630R interfaces live to the SAM4pos Tablet so now you can go into your store aisles with a tablet connected to your register/POS system and change prices, count stock, add new items and more. The tablet can even be used as a POS terminal or perhaps a line buster. All of these features just seal the deal that this is the cash register POS system we have all been waiting for.

You can even print bar codes directly from the SAM4s SAP-630R cash register. Simply add our optional bar code printer and you can design your own price labels, shelf tags and more.

Now you will be able to know what is going on in your store even when you are not there.. The SAM4pos Mobile App for your phone allows you to take sales reports from your register from wherever you are. You will love the ability to keep your fingers on the pulse of your store using the App. See the introduction video of the SAM4pos Mobile Application below.

To learn more about this system we invite you to call us at 800-863-2274 and schedule an online demo. Yes, that's right we can perform a web demonstration on a cash register! Using Team Viewer you can log onto one of our demo systems and we can show you around. Give us a call and see what you have been missing.

*Financing monthly payment based on one register with a forever license for 60 months. Financing subject to approval of credit.

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