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Product Description

Scan Data Service For SAM4pos including the SAP-530R, SAP-630R, and the SAP-6600

When you sign up for BandyWorks Scan Data Service with your SAM4s system you will experience the most comprehensive and reliable Tobacco Scan Data Rebate service available for Altria, RAI, ITG, and more. BandyWorks will navigate the often confusing set up and configuration required to start your Scan Data system. After a brief certification period you will be offering multi-pack, multi-can, multi-tin, and loyalty discounts.

BandyWorks Scan Data Rebate Service Includes:

  • Complete Integration with your SAM4s systems
  • Tobacco Scan Data program onboarding
  • Loyalty integration
  • Rebate oversight
  • Rebate price coaching
  • Rebate program management

Scan Data Drives Up-selling, which is the Key to Increasing your cigarette sales with multi-pack discounts. Using the Scan Data service the tobacco companies fund the multi-pack discounts. The discounts are above and beyond the existing buy-down and other pricing programs you may already be using. Ask your cigarette representatives for Altria and RJR about implementing the Scan Data program with Loyalty for your store.

SAM4pos support the Scan Data Program through BandyWorks Using this service the following SAM4s models can now integrate to Scan Data;

  • SAP-530R
  • SAP-630R
  • SAP-4800II
  • SAP-6600
  • SAP-6600II
When you decide to implement Scan Data and sign up with BandyWorks we will work with them to connect your system. Please contact us for additional infomation at 800-863-2274. The initial $250.00 fee is the one-time set up. A monthly subscription fee of $60.00 is required for the service. This is a very small investment that in most cases brings in much more in additional sales.

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