SAM4s SAP-530F Android Cash Register


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Click here to view the Information for the SAM4s SAP-530F in Acrobat Reader (308 kb). Right click on the link to save the brochure onto your hard drive.

Product Description

The SAM4s SPS-530F is powered by the SAM4POS Android POS application designed to bring cash registers into the 21st century. The SAP-530F brings together all the great things about a cash register and adds all the modern features of an Android system. No longer to you have to give up durability and cost for cloud based reporting features.

Better yet is the fact the SAP series from SAM4s utilizes the cloud for reports and programming but you don't need the cloud to operate like those other cloud based systems on the market. Yes, that's right you get all the benefits but not the dependence of the cloud. If your internet fails with this system it never skips a beat.

This model was designed for restaurants. The SAP-530F is home in table service, fast casual, quick service, bars and other food service businesses. Don't let the look of a traditional cash register keep you from finding out what SAP-530F can do in a restaurant. This register supports guest check tracking, split checks, kitchen printers, kitchen video, drive through, time and attendance and much more. The SAP-530F is so advanced it even has a hand held tablet that interfaces for tableside ordering or line busting in quick service.

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