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Product Description

The SAM4s SPS-340 is the second of two restaurant cash registers that are part of the SPS-300 series. While the two machines are very close to the same and for all but one feature they are. The difference with the SPS-340 is it has both a receipt and journal printer for those that wish to have a printed receipt and a live printed journal instead of an electronic journal.

Years ago nearly every cash register was made with both a journal and receipt printer. The ability to have an electronic journal changed that. While that type of journal has some advantages the live printed audit tape also has many. For an example if you need to track down an over ring with a register with a live printed journal the information is right there at your finger tips. Many people will save the journal tapes for an extended period of time, but when they need them they have access to the records. The other type of audit trails the electronic journal after being overwritten is gone and can't be recovered any way. This is a big consideration when deciding on the register you buy.

The Model SPS-340 evolved from one of the most popular SAM4s registers ever in the ER-650. This new model takes all the great features of the 650 and adds to it features like an SD card port, additional serial ports and of course the choice of audit tape or not. If you had a 650 you will really like the cash register because you will already know how to use it. The learning curve from the 650 to the SPS-300 series is almost non existent.

Round the system out with features like credit card interface with the Datacap Twin Tran or the SmartECR and/or text insertion on a DVR system. This cash register when implemented properly can make you more money by speeding up customer lines, reducing errors and keeping you and customers happy.

Do you have questionsIf you have anything you would like to know more about this register please give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

Feature Summary

  • Adjustable 8-Line Alpha-Numeric Liquid Crystal Display
  • Two Standard RS-232C Ports Two Optional Serial Ports Compatible with Datacaps DataTranTM Credit Card Terminal
  • Reliable High-Speed Thermal Printer
  • Drop-and-Print Paper Loading Lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. Impact Printer
  • Prints User Defined Graphic Logos, Coupons or Advertising Messages
  • SD Card - Save/Load, Update, Archive
  • Optional UPC Scanning
  • Firmware based on the ER-650, ER-650R

Did you know we offer complete custom programming and support? In the options you will find an option for custom programming and support. When you select this option when you order we will send you a programming worksheet to complete that will let us know how to program you register. We will program every button, tax rates, receip[t message, discounts and more. You will be able to unbox your new register and start ringing up sales in minutes if you opt for the custom programming and support option. Also included in this option is six months of support on how to use the register, how to take reports, make programming changes or anything else related to operating or reporting with the register. This support comes from our own in-house American based technical staff. This low-cost option can save you hours of your time in learning how to program and labeling buttons as we take care of all that and instruct you on the important aspects of using your register. If you have any questions on the custom programming and support option, please let us know what questions you have.

The SAM4s SPS-340 also is available with a single receipt printer too under the model number SPS-320 which can be seen here SAM4s SPS-320 with receipt printer only

FREE Programming PC Utility with purchase. Program and save data from a PC (cable required)

SAM4s SPS-340 Sample Receipt Tape

The SAM4s SPS-340 Register Features a High Speed Thermal receipt and journal Printer with Graphic Logo Capabilities. This feature allows you to add your own company logo to the receipt tape, as well as any message you may want to tell your customers. Customized receipts are also a good way of preventing return fraud.

SAM4s SPS-340 Interfaced Credit Card Integrate Credit Card Payments with the SAM4s SPS-340. Call us to find out how to get a Free or Low Cost Credit Card Interface. This SAm4s cash register can integrate with nearly every processor in the United States for swiped transactions and EMV. Gift cards and EBT are also available with most processors. Call us at 800-863-2274 for the details.

SAM4s SPS-340 Software Screen Shot Sample Software allows you to program and take reports on your SAM4s SPS-340 cash register from your computer. This is a great feature for when you are managing a large PLU or UPC database. The SPS-340 is already simple enough to program but combine the software and it makes it easier when you have many items to manage.

Standard Warranty and Extended Warranty Options for the SPS-340 Model The standard warranty for this model is a Six-month depot warranty. With a depot warranty you pay for the shipping back to us for repair and we pay for shipping of the machine back to you. Every attempt is made to resolve an issue via phone before shipping a machine in for repair. Warranty periods do not include a loaner unit, however often loaner machines are available at additional expense. If you would like a longer depot warranty period, you may purchase extended depot warranties out to 54 months. You also have the option to upgrade to an overnight exchange and extend the time period. If you select an overnight exchange warranty, we will overnight you a replacement register at our expense as well as paying to ship the broken machine back. You can purchase an Overnight Exchange Warranty out to 5 years. Overnight exchanges do not include Saturday deliveries, so as an example if you request an exchange on a Friday you will receive the replacement on Monday. Replacement request must be received in our office by 11am PST or the machine will ship out the next business day.

SAM4s SPS-340 Downloads

Click here to download the SAM4s SPS-340 Operating and programming manual

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