SAM4s SPS-340 Cash Register

SAM4s SPS-340 Sample Receipt Tape
The Samsung /
SAM4s SPS-340
Register Features a
High Speed Thermal
Printer with Graphic
Logo Capabilities
SAM4s SPS-340 Interfaced Credit Card
Integrate Credit
Card Payments
with the SAM4s
SPS-340. Call us
to find out how to
get a Free or Low
Cost Credit Card
SAM4s SPS-340 Software Screen Shot Sample
Software allows you to program and
take reports on your SAM4s SPS-340
from your computer
  • Adjustable 8-Line Alpha-Numeric Liquid Crystal Display
  • Two Standard RS-232C Ports Two Optional Serial Ports
  • Compatible with Datacap’s DataTranTM Credit Card Terminal
  • Reliable High-Speed Thermal Printer
  • Drop-and-Print Paper Loading
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. Impact Printer
  • Prints User Defined Graphic Logos, Coupons or Advertising
  • SD Card - Save/Load, Update, Archive
  • Optional UPC Scanning
  • Firmware based on the ER-650, ER-650R
SAM4s SPS-340
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SAM4s Cash Registers
Free Software for the SAM4s SPS-345
FREE Programming PC
Utility with purchase.
Program and save data from
a PC
(cable required)
*The Free Credit Card Interface hardware is provided by Mercury Payment Systems and requires an active processing agreement with them. The
Credit Card Interface hardware remains property of Mercury Payment Systems and is provided for a usage fee of approximately $12.50 per
month which includes a lifetime warranty.  The FREE OFFER also includes lifetime support of credit card interface through the Cash Register
Guys while processing through Mercury Payment Systems with us as the registered dealer. Should you decide to stop using Mercury Payment
Systems you may return the Interface Hardware or purchase the equipment at that time.
* The Integrated card reader does not replace the need for a credit card interface hardware. The integrated card reader reads magnetic cards only
such as credit card, gift cards, and employee cards.
*Training provided via phone
Download a
brochure for the
SAM4s SPS-340
SAM4s SPS-340 Cash Register
Add 2 Extra serial ports
Add Free Interfaced Credit Card Interface
Add Magnetic Card Reader
Add Kitchen Printer
Kitchen Printer Cable
Add Interfacing Scale
Add IRC Cable
Add Polling/Programming Software
Computer Interface Cable
Add *Basic Programming
Add SD Card
On Sale now! Save $209.96
when you add to cart or call
to purchase at a special
price 1-800-863-2274
MSRP $759.95
SAM4s SPS-340 cash register system
*Optional basic price includes programming of Tax Rates, Payment Keys, 50 Departments/PLU's/Items, Logo Message or Graphic Logo and 1 hour training*
For more information regarding credit card fees when you integrate your
cash register and credit cards call 1-800-863-2274 or click here to
submit your information to Mercury and Cash Register Guys and we will
follow up with you.
On Sale now! Save $209.96
when you add to cart or call
to purchase at a special
price 1-800-863-2274
The SAM4s SPS-340 is the second of two restaurant cash registers that are part of the SPS-300 series. While the two machines are very close to the same and for all
but one feature they are. The difference with the SPS-340 is it has both a receipt and journal printer for those that wish to have a printed receipt and a live printed
journal instead of an electronic journal.

Long ago nearly every cash register was made with both a journal and receipt printer. The ability to have an electronic journal changed that. While that type of journal
has some advantages the live printed audit tape also has many. For an example if you need to track down an over ring with a register with a live printed journal the
information is right there at your finger tips. Many people will save the journal tapes for an extended period of time, but when they need them they have access to the
records. The other type of audit trails the electronic journal after being overwritten is gone and can't be recovered any way. This is a big consideration when deciding on
the register you buy.

The SPS-340 evolved from one of the most popular SAM4s registers ever in the ER-650. This new model takes all the great features of the 650 and adds to it features
like an SD card port, additional serial ports and of course the choice of audit tape or not. If you had a 650 you will really like the cash register because you will already
know how to use it. The learning curve from the 650 to the SPS-300 series is almost non existent.

Round the system out with features like credit card interface with the Datacap Twin Tran and/or text insertion on a DVR system. This cash register when implemented
properly can make you more money by speeding up customer lines, reducing errors and keeping you and customers happy.

If you have anything you would like to know more about this register please give us a call at 1-800-863-2274
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