SAM4s SAP-6600 Android Touch Screen powered by SAM4pos for Restaurants


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Product Description

The SAP-6600 powered by the SAM4pos POS application is the system you have been waiting for. You have probably seen the rest and now it is time to check out the best. The SAM4pos Android POS application with the SAP-6600 Touch Screen Terminal takes the best of traditional POS systems and blends it with the best of a Tablet based system. This gives you the most stable and feature rich Android POS system on the market.

The SAM4s SAP-6600 is just as much at home in a Table Service Restaurant as it is in a Quick Service restaurant. You find all the POS features a great system should have plus more. Features include:

  • Guest Check Tracking
  • Server Tracking
  • Customizable Screens helping you find and modify menu items quickly
  • Mobile Tablet option for table side ordering
  • Kitchen Printing and/or Kitchen Video System (KVS)
  • Cloud Reports and emailed reports
  • Remote Access

SAM4s SAP-Tablet
How about adding a mobile device to take orders right at the table? Turn Tables faster and increase your average check with the SAM4pos Android Tablet that you take on the floor and perform and serve guest faster in real time. For quick service restaurants use the Tablet as a line buster or at the drive through.

SAM4pos cloud based reportsStay in touch with your restaurant or store from anywhere? With the SAM4pos system you can do that. While your data always resides right in your business the SAM4pos software can upload your data to a secure cloud server giving you full access of sales data from anywhere with an internet connection or smartphone. You will really appreciate that the SAM4pos utilizes the cloud however does not rely on the cloud. The SAM4pos application is designed to run 100% of the time without the internet unlike other systems that have to have an internet connection.

The SAM4pos Mobile App for your phone brings you sales reports anytime you want them. The Mobile App empowers you to retrieve up to the minute sales reports on your phone. No need to be in the dark about your store when you are not there. Simply open the App and take the sales report you want. If a cashier voided a sale you can find out right now. Please watch the introduction video of the SAM4pos Mobile Application below.

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