PC/POLL SYSTEMS Version 7 polling and programming software for The
Sharp UP-700 Cash Register will allow you to take control of your cash
register via a computer. Connect your computer to your cash register through
a Ethernet LAN, direct serial cable connection (limited by 50') or via
telephone modem or high speed Internet. The PC Poll software allows you to
program and retrieve reports from your Sharp UP-700 Cash Register. Also a
popular option to interface your Cash Register and PC Poll to the Quick
Books accounting software. PC Poll is sold by the number of cash registers
you intend to communicate with whether it is one store with two cash registers
or 5 stores with 3 cash registers. To select the correct software add up the
total number of cash registers. If you need help sizing your software please
call us at 1-800-863-2274
PC Poll Software Ver.7 $769.00
Please click here about
choosing the type of
connection between your
computer and the cash register
or cash registers.
Add Quick Books Interface
Number of registers/store to poll
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PC POLL for the Sharp UP-700