SAM4s ER-180 Cash Register

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SAM4s Cash Registers
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The SAM4s ER-180 is
a compact low-cost
electronic cash register
that meets the basic
needs of many small
16 Departments
The SAM4s ER-180
features 16 departments and
is designed for ease of operation
and point of purchase
control in gift shops, kiosks,
food stands and other small
retail applications. Departments
may be preset to price
and track individual items, or
be designated ‘Single Item’
for fast registration of single
item sales.
100 PLUs
Use the ER-180’s price lookups
(PLUs) to automatically
price for up to 100 fast moving
items. PLUs can also
accept open price entries.
Automatic Tax
Tax is computed automatically
and added to each sale. Tax
status can be shifted as
items are entered or at the
completion of the sale.
Financial and Cash-in-
Drawer Reports
The SAM4s ER-180 gives
you a thorough review of
your business with a complete
analysis of your department
sales, function totals
and actual drawer totals to
help you protect your profits.
Heavy-Duty Digital
The ER-180 two-inch wheel
type digital line printer
accepts 58mm (2¼") paper
Percent (%) Keys
Percent discount operation
can apply to a single item
or an entire sale. You can
program a set rate or allow
variable rates to be entered
if no rate is programmed.
Additional Features
  • Split Tendering of
    Payment Between Cash,
    Check and Charge
  • Easy to Read Displays
  • Easy to Install Ink Roller
  • Cash Drawer with 4 Bill
    and 4 Coin Compartments
  • Merchant Programmable
  • Receipt/Journal
  • Receipt On/Off Button
  • Financial and Cash-in-
    Drawer Report
  • Automatic Date and Time
SAM4s Cash Registers