Sharp ER-A320 FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions about the
Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register
Question: What type of printer does the ER-A320 have?

Answer: The ER-A320 uses a drum style impact printer. This
printer is numeric only.

Question: What type of paper rolls does the ER-A320 use?

Answer: The ER-A320 printer uses 44mm bond paper rolls. 44mm
bond paper is one of the most common receipt paper in the world.

Question: What type Ink ribbon doe the ER-A320 electronic cash
register use?

Answer: The ER-A320 uses an IR-90 Ink Roller. This ink roller is
easy to change, although not as easy as a cartridge ribbon. It
should never be re-inked, always replace it when the print becomes
light. Re-inking will destroy the printer.

Question: Can the ER-A320 register interface to a computer?

Answer: The ER-A320 does not have the required RS-232 port to
interface to a computer.

Question: What type of store is this a good machine for?

Answer: This model Sharp Cash Register is a great machine for
high volume c-store, small grocery store, restaurants, and snack

Question: What are the limitations of this cash register?

Answer: The ER-A320 is not a great machine if you need bar code
scanning, a kitchen printer, or computer interface or credit card
Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register Ink Roller
Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register Keyboard Cover