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SAM4s Tabby System
Tabby is a WEB Server integrated in the SAM4s
Ellix 40 POS printer and provides a basic retail POS
software application. Tabby runs on any browser
capable device regardless of operating system,
including PCs, mobile devices or tablets. Tabby
does not rely on tablet or device resources.
POS system for the iPad
Tabby provides features similar to those found on
sophisticated SAM4s electronic cash registers.
Operation is simple; tablet savvy operators can
be trained in minutes.
Program maintenance is simple and intuitive. Add items or
change prices in just a few touches from either the item
option screens or from the item database.
Access reports remotely or at the store. Sales are tracked by
item, department, time, day and operator. The sales overview
dashboard provides a quick look at hourly, day of week and sales
by day for the current month. Detailed reports and charts can be
retrieved in seconds.
SAM4s Tabby POS for the iPad and Android tablets
SAM4s Tabby Bundle with bar code scanner
SAM4s Tabby Bundle
SAM4s Tabby
Tabby bundle includes printer with built in Tabby Software,
Model 57 cash drawer and wireless router. This bundle does
not include the Tablet (iPad or Android), optional bar code
scanner, optional pole display, credit card interface/reader. All
of those items are available please contact us for pricing and
additional options. Bundle does not include programming or
training, please contact us for pricing on those services if
required. Call us at 1-800-863-2274 with any questions you
may have on the SAM4s Tabby
Tabby bundle does not include all the pictured items.
Does not include Pole Display, Tablet, bar code
scanner, or pin pad.