SAM4pos POS Application


The SAM4pos Android POS Application is changing the game

SAM4s is changing the landscape of the Android point of sale space with the release of their SAM4pos Application. Now you can have all the benefits of a tablet POS system without the drawbacks. SAM4pos combines the winning features of an Android POS system with all the best parts of a traditional cash register or touch screen.

In a busy retail store or restaurant a traditional tablet just does not cut it. They are small and flimsy and were never designed for a busy business. SAM4s has found the winning combination of a robust Android POS application paired with retail hardened purpose built Android POS hardware.

SAM4pos runs on your choice of the SAM4s Android POS Hardware designed specify to operate the Android POS system SAM4pos. These choices include a 15" All-in-One touch screen, a cash register with a 10" touch screen with a raised button keyboard for fast paced retail in mind, a restaurant style cash register also with a 10" touch screen and last but not least a 10" Android Tablet with a built in bar code scanner.

SAM4pos was designed for both retail stores and all types of restaurants too. Unlike other tablet POS system though we don't try to make a small tablet work we use the right hardware for your environment. Just look at some of our hardware choices below.

SAM4s SAP-6600 Tablet Terminal

The SAM4s SAP-6600
is one example of a 15" Android Touch Terminal designed for the SAM4pos system. Terminals like this work very well in all types of restaurants but also in some retail environments. For more information on the SAM4s SAP-6600 Touch Screen Terminal with SAM4pos

SAM4s SAP-630R Android cash register

The SAM4s SAP-630R looks like a cash register but don't judge a book by it's cover
This is unlike any cash register you have ever seen and that is because it is running the SAM4pos Android POS application. So you will get the durability of a cash register and the speed of a cash register but you will also get standard and optional features like these; Optional Scan Data Interface, Age Verification, Mix and Match Pricing, EBT Subtotal and Payments, Optional Credit Card Interface, Optional Gift Card Interface, Optional Back Office Software, Built In Text Insertion, and Remote Support. Add a SAM4pos tablet and you can also go mobile in your store, adding items, changing prices, counting stock and more all in real time. This model Android Cash Register was designed for retail applications like grocery stores, C-Stores, Liquor Stores, Neighborhood Grocery, Specialty Markets, Smoke shops and much more. Don't settle for a flimsy tablet when you can have the real deal! Click here for more information about this incredible bar code scanning SAP-630R Android Cash Register

SAM4s SAP-630F Android cash register

How about a robust Android Cash Register for Quick Service Restaurants, we got that covered too
Everything you are looking for in a tablet based system but add all the functionality of a high end cash register to seal the deal. This hybrid Android cash register utilizes a large flat keyboard for one touch menu items plus a 10" touch screen. Your servers will breeze through any order your customer can hit them with speed and accuracy. You don't want you servers scrolling around on a tiny tablet you want them selling items quickly and serving guest, that is what the SAM4s SPS-630F Android cash register was made to do. This purpose built register was made for Fast Food, Fast Casual, Drive Thru, cafeterias, Bars, Clubs, Snack Bars and Deli's. When you start to explore this system you will see why it is made for restaurants with features like, Kitchen Printing, Kitchen Video Interface, Mobile Tablet, Drive Through Feature, Phone Order Tracking, and more. For more information on the SAM4s SAP-630F Android Restaurant Cash Register

SAM4s SAP-Tablet

Go mobile with the SAP Tablet
just install the SAM4pos Android application on the SAP-Tablet and nothing is holding you back. Use the SAP Tablet to take orders tableside, or maybe as a line buster. Want to put a cashier in the drive thru lane? With SAM4pos and our tablet and you can do that. The retailer will love the built in bar code scanner allowing you to walk the aisles of your store and change prices, add items, count stock and even more! Don't get held back with a run of the mill tablet system when you can use the SAM4pos application and set yourself free! Here is more additional information on the SAM4s Android Tablet POS system

SAM4pos Mobile App

Stay in touch with your business where ever you are. the SAM4pos App give you the power of reporting in the palm of your hand. You will be able to get up to the minute reports from your register or POS system on your android or iOS phone. Here is more additional information on the SAM4pos Mobile App