SAM4s SAP-630F Android Cash Register Terminal with SAM4pos


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Product Description

Introducing the SAM4s SAP-630FT Hybrid Cash Register Style Open Architecture POS Terminal. This gives you the best of both worlds, with features only found in POS systems paired with the speed and durability of a cash register. Once you take a deeper dive into the features and functions of this system we think you will agree this is the system we have all been waiting for.

The SAM4s SAP-630F combined with SAM4pos software application brings you modern cutting edge features Using the SAM4pos Mobile App you can get up to the minute sales reports from you register right on your phone. Other reporting options includes emailed sales reports, export sales reports in PDF or CSV. The best part of the reports are they are no longer just "Z" reports, this system uses a database for reporting allowing you to take reports across dates like a POS system.

The SAM4s SAP-630F was designed for restaurants of all types. This system is just as at home in a table service restaurant as it is in quick service. Combining the 10" touch screen with the large flat keyboard allows you to configure the system to empower your cashiers or servers to quickly and accurately ring in orders. You can easily combine the unique and robust features of this system with other systems and features like:

  • Kitchen Printing
  • Kitchen Video Displays
  • Credit card interface
  • Gift Card Interface
  • Hand Held Terminal
  • Liquor control systems (Berg)
  • And much more....

Not only does the SAM4s SAP-630 packed full of features but you will also find flexibility. Unlike other systems SAM4s allows you several models of buying this system. You can purchase the software outright which is rare by today's standards. Many systems require monthly payments forever but SAM4s allows you to buy it like a traditional system.

Our price includes complete custom programming and support. We know part of successfully implementing a new cash register or POS systems starts with the programming. When you order from us we will custom program your system completely so when it arrives you will be able to unbox the system and start using it right away. Not only will we take card of all the programming, but our price includes six months of support from our in-house support staff. They will teach you how to use the system, how to make program changes, take reports and more. All the programming and six months of support are included at our price.

With the SAM4pos Mobile App you will always have the data you need right at your fingertips. The Mobile App from SAM4s allows you to connect to your register from wherever you are to get the data you want. Use the App to take up to the minute sales reports right on your phone. Just because you are not in the store 24/7 does not mean you won't know what is going on. Just below please watch the introduction video of the SAM4pos Mobile Application.

For more information on the SAM4s SAP-630FT system give us a call at 800-863-2274. We are experts in POS and SAM4s specifically and would love to earn your business.

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