E-Pad Kitchen Video System Kit


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Product Description

By using the E-Pad Kitchen Video system you can dramatically increase the efficacy of your kitchen, leading to faster orders and happier customers. A kitchen video system allows you to operate a far more productive kitchen than a simple kitchen printer allows. Kitchens will work better as a team when their workflow is streamlined with a kitchen video system.

Features like the status report provides you with management detailed order statistics allowing you instant feedback on your productivity and customer service. No longer will you wonder how long it takes your crew to serve and order after the customers places it. Important information is right at your fingertips like the total order count and what the average time to serve an order is.

The E-Pad Kitchen Video System Features:

  • Like items in an order are consolidated for quick reference.
  • Each order displays the the elapsed time since being placed.
  • Modifiers and the elapsed order time display in different colors making for quick and easy identification.
  • Accommodates large orders simply.
  • Previously served orders are easily recalled.
  • Production statistics information allows management to quickly monitor processing times.

Nearly all SAM4s cash register models are compatible with the E-Pad kitchen video system. Combining the E-Pad system with your POS system really can change the way you operate your kitchen in many ways. Using a kitchen video system increases team work with your entire crew. Important and instant statistics will prove that to you in no time at all. The bottom line is your customers will be served faster and more accurately which of course mean happy returning customers.

Adding an E-Pad Kitchen Video Router allows you to connect multiple kitchen video screens in your kitchen. As an example it is very common to find kitchen with three or four screens in the kitchen. Often you will find a screen at the grill, the dive through window, the expo and maybe the fry station. That is just one common scenario of course. You can be as creative as you would like to complete the system you need in your kitchen

The E-Pad Kit does not include the video screens or mounts for the screens which are normally sourced locally. Some kitchens like to vary the size of the screens depending on available space and how far away they will be viewed.

To find out more about adding a kitchen video system to your POS system give us a call at 800-863-2274 and we would be happy to discuss the many benefits you can realize.