SAM4s ER-650 Cash Register
SAM4s ER-650 Cash Register Information
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SAM4s Cash Registers
SAM4s Cash Registers
The SAM4s ER-650 features
an Eight line x 20 characters per line
LCD screen
  • On-screen programming
    simplifies programming of menu
    items and system options.
  • Spot check sales and financial
    reports by viewing sales
    information on the screen.
The SAM4s ER-650 has an 98
key keyboard is spill resistant and
easy to clean.
  • Keys are completely
    programmable in order to fit
    menu and functions  
  • Alpha programming overlay.
The SAM4s ER-650 was
designed for scalable growth
  • Two RS-232C ports and IRC are
  • Optional Kitchen Printer
  • Optional Bar Code Scanner
  • Optional PC Interface
The SAM4s ER-650 has an
optional Credit Card Interface.
  • Speeds up transactions
  • Reduce errors
  • Makes cashiers accountable
  • Operate your own Gift Card
The SAM4s ER-650 is easy to
use for owners and cashiers.
  • The Samsung ER-650 Cash
    Register is the best selling cash
    register we offer.
  • Programming this register is so
    easy some users never even
    open the manual.
  • If you are looking for a cash
    register that can have integrated
    credit card this is the one.
The SAM4s ER-650 features a
fast and reliable thermal printer
  • Drop in and close paper loading
  • Standard 2.25" Thermal Paper
*The Free Credit Card Interface hardware is provided by Mercury Payment Systems and requires an active processing agreement with them. The
Credit Card Interface hardware remains property of Mercury Payment Systems and is provided for a usage fee of approximately $12.50 per
month which includes a lifetime warranty.  The FREE OFFER also includes lifetime support of credit card interface through the Cash Register
Guys while processing through Mercury Payment Systems with us as the registered dealer. Should you decide to stop using Mercury Payment
Systems you may return the Interface Hardware or purchase the equipment at that time.
**The SAM4s ER-650 has been discontinued however we have a large quantity of ER-650R cash registers that we have converted (modified) to
SAM4s ER-650 models. We have changed the keyboard and chip set to that of the ER-650. The case will read ER-650R however it truly is an
ER-650 that you could IRC with your existing registers and us the software to up and download.
The SAM4s 650 is no longer being made. It was one of the best selling SAM4s cash registers. The
good news is that it was replaced by an even better cash register. SAM4s has taken the 650 and
turned it into the
SAM4s SPS-320 which is an updated version. The new cash register looks different
however in regards to programming and reporting you will not see a difference. With the SPS-320
SAM4s added an SD card port, more serial ports, changed the cabinet to black and a few other
things. If you knew how to use the ER-650 you will have no learning curve with the SPS-320.
The ER-650 has been replaced by the SAM4s SPS-320 cash register