SAM4s ER-260EJ Bronze Bundle


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Product Description

SAM4s ER-260EJ or ER-265EJ with Credit Card Terminal Bundle

We have put together an entry level package with your choice of the popular SAM4s ER-260EJ or ER-265EJ cash register with a Verifone P200 credit card terminal (pin pad). This package includes a flat low-rate merchant services plan of only 2.49% and $0.10 per transaction and a statement fee and gateway fee of $29.95 per month

With our platinum bundle you will have peace of mind because we include programming and Monday through Friday support during office hours. The cash register is covered with an advanced overnight exchange warranty for three years and we will throw in a backup terminal to boot. Support for your merchant services account is provided by TSYS and is available 24/7

Let us help you decide which cash register is right for your business. In this bundle you get to select which register you would like. The two registers are really the same model with different keyboards being the only difference. The ER-260J has raised buttons and is more designed for retail and possibly bar code scanning, while the ER-265EJ was designed with food service in mind and features a flat keyboard more often used in restaurants. That is not to say you can't use either in any type of business because you can for sure. Just keep in mind if you are entering your prices during a sale instead of scanning or presets a raised keyboard is preferred because of the tactile nature of pressing buttons. Of course, if you need help deciding please give us a call at 800-863-2274 or use the Chat feature of the website.

To get started simply add this bundle to the shopping cart and complete the purchase. We will be in touch with you the next business day to set up your merchant services account. During that process we will work with you to collect the information for programming the cash register for you. After the account is set up and the programming is complete, we will ship you your new system. After you receive your new system, we will train you over the phone on the complete operation of your new system. Don't worry cause this package includes support so we are always just a phone call away to help you with questions, program new items, or any other changes you need to make. The package requires a 36-month contract that you can cancel with 30 days' notice and return of the pin pad and gateway device.

There are available options for the register. For example, many end-users add a bar code scanner to the 260EJ or a Kitchen Printer for the ER-265EJ. Other options include an integrated scale, PC Interface any a couple more. Please reach out to us to discuss what your needs are.