AVE VSI Pro text inserter for SAM4s cash registers and POS

Cash Register to Video Interface or POS to Video Interface are terms used to describe a system that links transaction information to surveillance video. In many cases the receipt or journal information is overlaid or inserted on the video picture. The transaction information can also be stored in a database and linked to the video at a later time if fraud is suspected. Most front end cameras are positioned to see the cashier, the cash drawer, items purchased and the customer. With all these elements recorded on tape or to Hard Drive, a store owner can review this scene and with one view verify the check out was legitimate.

AVE VSI-Pro Text Inserter for SAM4s

The VSI-Pro is an excellent tool for controlling inventory shrinkage and loss prevention. When interfaced between a POS or Cash Register and DVR, it overlays the register's transaction data onto the video picture to get the complete picture of every transaction. The VSI-Pro can also export the formatted data to a compatible Text Search DVR. The 24 programmable exceptions provide on-screen alerts, making the finding of suspicious transactions fast and simple. When used in conjunction with the AVE line of DVRs, remote or local search can be done for any transaction, amount or T/D.

Nearly all the SAM4s cash register models will work with the AVE VSI-Pro text insertion. Text insertion can often be difficult to install attempted without doing your homework first. As mentioned before most SAM4s models include a text insertion feature but what about your DVR system? What cable will you use to connect the register to the DVR? All things that should be answered before attempting to connect your cash register to your DVR system.