Honeywell MS-5145 Bar Code Scanner

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Product Description

The Honeywell MS-5145 is no longer made.

Honeywell's Eclipse 5145 is a low cost laser-based alternative to CCD scanners. Its compact form factor and high end feature set simplify its use in a variety of applications The 5145 EclipseŽ is a single-line, hand-held laser scanner. With Honeywells state-of-the-art scanning technology, the Eclipse 5145 has a longer working range and a wider scan field than a typical CCD. The width of the scan line grows as the scanner moves further away from bar codes.

The 5145 is a good entry level bar code scannerfor cash registers. If you are a high volume retail store you may wish to consider moving up to one of the hand held bar codes scanners often used in busy corner markets and stores. Keep in mind the 5145 is not available with a presentation stand.

If you require help selecting a bar code scanner for your cash register or POS system please call us at 800-863-2274