Honeywell 9520 Bar Code Scanner

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The Honeywell 9520 has been discontinued. The best replacement is the Code 950 Bar Code Scanner

Honeywell's Voyager 9520 hand-held, single-line laser scanner offer aggressive scanning of all standard bar codes. The Voyager 9520 hand-held, single-line bar code scanner has united form with function in becoming the industry benchmark for value and performance. This sleek scanner features patented automatic infrared activation and decode all standard bar codes. For presentation scanning, Includes a stand with automatic in-stand detection technology.

The Voyager 9520 bar code scanner is a wonderful entry level scanner for retail stores. This model includes a stand for fast presentation scanning, which means you leave the scanner in the stand and pass the item in front of it. Now keep in mind this is a single line laser scanner so you are required to line up the bar code with the laser.

If you require a faster scanner then maybe you should look at one of the Omni-directional presentation scanners like the 3780 Fusion scanner or perhaps the 7120 Orbit. The difference in those scanners from a 9520 is they are both Omni-Directional rather than single line. An Omni-direction scanner uses an array of lasers forming a pattern that covers the UPC code and reads it without lining it up. This results in slightly faster product scans than a single line scanner.

The 9520 scanner comes with a stand that allow you to operate the scanner in presentation hands free mode. Using a scanner in this way is the fastest way to bar code scan.

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