Cash Register Support and Programming

Cash Register Support and Service

Whether you have a SAM4s, Samsung or a Sharp Cash Register it will only function as well as it has been programmed. We can help you program or use your cash register. If you need help understanding reports or programming a tax rate we can help you with that.

Call to Arrange Cash Register Support for a Fee

Our minimum fee is $60.00 for telephone support. If you would rather not pay for a one time service and are looking for a long term support system we offer our Gold Support Plan for SAM4s registers too. Our Gold Support Plan offers you unlimited tech support for a small monthly fee.

To arrange support for your cash register you can reach us at 800-863-2274 and please remember we are a small independent business and we do not give free support, please don't call us looking for free support.

If you are looking for a new cash register then check out the new SAM4s registers here. If you are looking for cash register parts look here.

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