Champtek LG610 Laser Barcode Scanner

Budget Friendly Lase Bar Code Scanner

If you are looking for a good general purpose bar code scanner for your SAM4s cash register you should check out the LG610. This is a very cost effective scanner for retail applications.

This is a hand held scanner that comes with a presentation stand. For most operations you will simply leave in the stand for scanning however have the option to pick it up if you need to. This gun type scanner can read most bar codes up to a range of 11.8" away.

The Champtek LG610 is suitable for most retail applications like convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops, neighborhood grocery and others.

Buy with confidence from The Cash Register Guys. When you buy this scanner from us we will ensure it works with your SAM4s cash register before we ship it. We always recommend consulting with us regarding model compatibility.

When ordering a serial interface model we highly recommend adding the power supply as some registers do not supply power via the serial port.