Clover Flex for Event Rentals


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Product Description

If you need a simple POS device that also accepts payments check out the Clover Flex

This is a great device for a cashless event, small simple, use it at the counter or on the go. The Clover Flex has a choice of applications depending on your needs. If you need a really simple system with a a few items for sale and you're not accepting tips or using a kitchen printer you can just select the Register Lite, if you need a more robust application with menu management, tipping and more select the Counter Service Restaurant Version for an additional fee from the options.

The Flex can operate on Wi-Fi or use LTE (Cellular Internet) if no Wi-Fi is available just select the LTE option when adding to the cart. The Flex has a built-in printer, and your event rental comes with a ten pack of paper for your event, please let us know if you think you will need more.

The price covers up to three weeks of use and included round trip shipping. We highly recommend giving yourself a couple weeks of lead time to get the system set up and shipped in for testing and training.

The rental includes a merchant services account with a flat rate of 2.3% and $0.10 per transaction. While we can include a cash drawer with the Flex if you like, however it does not interface to the drawer so the cash drawer would have to opened manually so considering that we don't recommend the cash drawer but it's up to you.

The best way to make sure you get the right POS rental for your event is to give us a call at 1-800-863-2274 and we will be happy to go over the features and functions to make an educated decision of which device or application to select.