Clover Mini System for Event Rental


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Product Description

The Clover Mini is a great short term event rental POS system

We make equiping your event with POS and card payments very easy. The state of the art Clover Mini is perfect for short term rental events. the system can be deployed wired to the internet, on WiFi or even on LTE if local internet is unavailable. We make your job even easier by pre-programming the system for you. Cashiers will love the system because its easy to use and if you elect we will turn on suggested tipping. Support is available 24/7 to keep you up and running.

The cost includes up to three weeks and includes round trip shipping. Please give yourself a few weeks lead time as we will need to set up your merchant services account, program the system to fit your needs, and of course time to ship. We have found most events like to get the system there a few days early in order to train employees or volunteers.

The merchant services contract is a flat rate program of 2.3% with a transaction fee of $0.10 (ten cents). The system will come with a cash drawer for cash transactions, please let us know if you don't require a cash drawer. The Colver mini has a built in printer for receipts/drafts and we will ship it our to you with ten rolls of paper, please let us know if you require additional paper.

There are several optional items you can add to your event rental and you can select abaove when you purchase. The first is a swivel stand, which is really only needed if you would like to present your customers with an optional suggested Tip or E- signature. If you will be selling retail products and would like to utilize bar code scanning, you can add a scanner to the rental.

We highly suggest give us a call to discuss your needs and let's make sure this is the right package for your event. Call us at 800-863-2274