Code Reader 5210


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Product Description

Age Verification Scanner for the SAM4pos Registers

The Code CR-5210 is designed for fast-paced environments and scans both 1D, 2D barcodes with speed and accuracy. The Code Reader 5210 when connected to one of the SAM4pos models including the SAP-630R, SAP-630F, SAP-6600 and SAP-6600II. Those are currently the only SAM4s models this scanner integrates with the SAM4pos models. If you have a different model of SAM4s cash register you may want to look at the Code 5210 which includes Age Verification as a standalone (not integrated with the register). When you use one of the SAM4pos models this scanner reads the ID for the SAM4s register to verify the age.

The Code 5210 is a great presentation scanner for when you also need integrated age verification Of course even if you don't need age verification this is a good scanner. However, if age verification is not something you are looking for we would suggest using the Honeywell 3780 or 7120 scanners which are both omni directional laser scanners. Please keep in mind the Honeywell laser scanners will never be capable of verifying age.

Some of the other features of the Code 5210 include Manual or automatic triggering, reading bar codes from mobile device screens, hands free mode and more. We sell and ship this model in the USB interface only. If you need serial please let us know and we will order one for you.