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Product Description

Monthly Subscription for Cash Register Express Software

Yes, that is right you can subscribe to this popular retail POS system monthly . You have the choice of simply receiving your software and paying monthly instead of buying outright if you would like. this option which is also referred to as Software as a service (SaaS) has been growing in popularity in the last few years. You still get the same great software but you pay monthly. The monthly plan also includes updates for your software as well.

PC America Cash Register Express is an incredibly feature rich and versatile point of sale system. Regardless of how many lanes you need or how many stores you have this system has the tools retailers are looking for along with the scalability to handle the job. Cash Register Express (CRE) thrives in retail stores especially where keeping inventory and speed is important. Whether you need full inventory control with purchase orders, bar code printing and reorders or just only manage a UPC Database CRE has you covered.

Combine your system with integrated credit card processing for speed and security. We always recommend integrating payments to your system because otherwise you are leaving yourself open to mistakes, fraud, and other very costly mistakes. This system integrates to most every processor with the popular Datacap NETePay and it also has a direct integration with Heartland processing. This enables you to process cards wherever you want to, unlike other systems that are tied to a single processor only. Gift Cards can also be directly integrated which allows you to offer your own private label gift cards .That is a revenue stream you don't want to be missing out on and CRE makes it easy.

Make more profit with better inventory management. Using CRE's product matrix you can manage variables like sizes, colors and even materials, you can even edit them all in one view. If you are upgrading from an older system, you can even Import existing barcodes or easily create and print new ones. Our customizable taxing system helps you track for different cities, countries, states, if you are required to in your business. Because you will always know your stock on hand you will always have the best-selling items in stock because the system streamlines automated stock orders with customized reorder levels. You will be able to make better decisions about your inventory using full or partial inventory counts including using our optional mobile inventory application for your smartphone. You will know your stock on certain items is low and avoid running out of that item using CRE's Inventory control features.

Cloud Based reporting with our optional mobile manager application. CRE's The Mobile Manager Application (optional) accesses key sales metrics on your phone anytime, anywhere. Using the optional Mobile Manager app allows you to build your own reports that reflect item, staff or even store performance. From the Mobile App you will be able to access end of day reports and daily close out reports to stay ahead of any potential discrepancies before they happen.

The Cash Register Express Monthly Subscription agreement only requires a 36-month agreement. The term agreement can be cancelled with a nominal cancellation fee, however we think you will be so happy with your system you won't want to. This offering is software only, we do also have software and hardware subscriptions available as well. If you want help deciding which is the best model for you, please call us, we will be glad to provide quotes of the different models so you can judge for yourself if a subscription or an outright purchase is better for you. After selecting this subscription, we will contact you to confirm and start the subscription.