Datacap IPTran LT Credit Card Interface


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Product Description

The Datacap IPTran LT is the device you will want to use when interfacing a single SAM4s cash register with credit card payments. When a Datacap IPTran LT is added your cash register turns into a credit card terminal too. This keeps your cashiers from making those costly keying mistakes, plus it increases security because transactions must be rung up before a card can be verified. let's not forget you will also speed transactions up creating a better customer expierance. Why would you not want to integrate when you count all these benefits up.

A Datacap IPTran LT empowers your SAM4s cash register to begin accepting EMV chipped cards which saves your business from those nasty EMV liability charge backs. And as if that were not enough how about the fact your will also be able to accept Food Stamps (EBT), Gift Cards, NFC, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

When you deploy the IPTran LT you give yourself a world of choices of some of the best EMV devices on the market today. Let's not forget SAM4s and Datacap also never lock you into a merchant processor because you can select your own merchant processor and the Datacap IPTran LT works with every major processor in North America. If you have questions please give us a call at 800-863-2274

Curent list of processors using the IPTran LT Interface Datacap processors

Partial list of all the EMV Pin Pads already certified with the Datacap IPTran LT Interface EMV Pin Pads that interface with the IPTran LT

List of Gift Card Networks Supported by the Datacap IPTran LT Gift Card systems interfaced with the IPTran LT