Datacap Tran Server Credit Card Interface


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Product Description

The Datacap Tran Server is the go to device for interfacing SAM4s cash registers with credit card payments. Adding a Datacap Tran Server turns your cash register into a credit card terminal too. When you integrate payments directly you eliminate mistakes, increase security and speed up transactions. You really can't afford to not interface your cash register POS with payments.

The Datacap Tran Server also allows your SAM4s cash register to accept EMV chipped cards keeping your business from automatic EMV liability charge backs as well as accepting EBT, Gift, NFC, Apple Pay, Android Pay and even more.

Using the Tran Server you have a large choice of EMV devices to select from depending on your processor. And speaking of merchant processors the Datacap Tran Server is compatible with every major processor in North America. You really have no reason not to upgrade ypour system when you look at all the benefits and options SAM4s and Datacap can deliver you. If you have questions please give us a call at 800-863-2274

Curent list of processors using the Tran Server Datacap processors

Partial list of all the EMV Pin Pads already certified with the Datacap Tran Server Pin Pads that work with the Tran Server

List of Gift Card Networks Supported by the Datacap Tran Server Gift Card systems interfaced with the Tran Server