Datalogic Gryphon Wireless 4200 Bar Code Scanner


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Product Description

The Gryphon 4200 is a great wireless bar code scanner for some SAM4s Cash Registers

Cut the cord when you connect your SAM4s cash register to the Datalogic Gryphon wireless bar code scanner model 4200. This scanner gives you the flexibility of being mobile when you need it and the advantage of wireless charging when placed into the cradle.

This wireless bar code scanner connects to the cash register with the USB base station which is also the charging station. The scanner connects to the base station with Bluetooth.

Confirmed Models of SAM4s that we have tested this scanner for include: We will be testing more models in the future. If your SAM4s register only has serial ports than this scanner will not work. If your register has a USB port also does not automatically mean this scanner will work, please check with us first or consult the list below.

  • SPS-520F
  • SPS-520R
  • SPS-530F
  • SPS-530F
  • SAP-530F
  • SAP-530R
  • SAP-630F
  • SAP-630R
  • SPS-2000
  • SAP-4800II
  • SAP-6600
  • SAP-6600II

Please remember this is a wireless scanner and not a data collector. If you are looking for a wireless Data Collector there is a Tablet Option available for the SAP models of register operating the SAM4pos App. If you have questions, please give us a call before buying this scanner for your cash register or POS system. You can reach us at 800-863-2274

*Optional Scanning Stand allows the scanner to work as a presentation scanner when not being hand held. If you would like the scanner to be able to scan items as they are passed in front of it please select this optional stand. The standard stand/cradle the scanner comes with if you did not select this option does not allow the scanner to scan items until you pick it up