Datalogic QS 2131 Bar Code Scanner


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Product Description

Datalogic QS-2131 Bar Code Scanner for SAM4s Cash Registers

This scanner is a great choice for an easy-to-use handheld or presentation scanner. The Datalogic QS-2131 is a corded scanner that comes with a stand, but you can also pick it up if you would rather. Our customers like this scanner because it is lightweight, and ergonomically designed for comfort during daily scanning operations. This scanner is also very affordable.

The 2131 Scanner is a great replacement for the Metrologic 9520 or 9540 that are so popular for use on SAM4s cash registers. Having tested this scanner in our office we were impressed with how quick it was and how far away it could scan an item. Of course, your results will vary, but we tried this unit out on many different types of products and really liked it.

Buy this scanner with confidence from us because we are experts in connecting them to SAM4s cash registers and POS. We have tested this scanner with all the current SAM4s models including the SPS-300 series and the SAP-630R. When you order from us for a specific cash register, we will make sure it works for you. When using with a SAM4s cash register with model numbers that begins with ER or SPS you must select the Serial Option. If you are not sure which bar code scanner to select, then give us a call at 800-863-2274.