Free SAM4s ER-260 EJ Cash Register


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Product Description

Yes, that's right the SAM4s ER-260EJ cash register for free when you sign up for merchant services with our partner. You'll get great rates and a commercial grade cash register back with expert support.

The SAM4s ER-260EJ cash register was designed for retail stores with features like bar code scanning, USB port for PC Communications, five bill five coin cash drawer and more.

For the credit card interface you can select from a pin pad if you wish to accept *EMV chipped cards or use the built in card swipe. This deal includes free support during our office hours. This deal includes a six month warranty. The free register bundle requires you open a qualifying merchant service account with one of our providers. *EMV reading pin pads are the preferred method for processing cards. Please consult with one of our merchant services professionals to help you decide. Please give us a call if you have any questions about our Free Cash Register program at 1-800-863-2274