NRS POS Bundle with Cash Discount Merchant Services


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Product Description

NRS Cash Discount Retail POS Bundle is on sale right now for only $199.00

This bundle is designed for the merchant that wants to slash their credit card processing fees. This bundle comes with NRSPAY Cash Discount merchant services that shifts the cost of processing to the consumer if they pay with a credit card. This method of processing has become very popular all over the Country. The POS is integrated to credit card payments seamlessly using the state of the art EMV enabled Pin Pad.

The Cash Discount Merchant Processing Plan lowers your total merchant services down to a flat rate of $49.95 per month with no transaction fees. Yes, you heard that correctly, regardless of your credit card sales your monthly fee to accept credit cards is on $49.95 this is because you will be using a program called Cash Discount that is approved by Visa and MasterCard. Using this program passes the cost of accepting credit cards to the card holder.

This complete POS Bundle really does include everything you need, just look at the list of items it includes:

  • Cashier Touch Screen
  • Customer Facing Screen
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Heavy Duty Cash Drawer
  • Credit Card Reader/Pin Pad

NRS is one or the most popular POS systems for retail on the market today for many good reasons This easy-to-use system utilizes and touch screen and bar code scanner. Your cashiers will be able to process sales quickly and accurately with NRS. You won't have to worry about running out of popular inventory because this system is an efficient inventory tracking system too, this allows you to keep your best selling items in stock! Your customers will also love the large customer facing display that shows them the details of their purchase giving them confidence buying from your store. This same customer display allows you to offer a promo available in your store right on the display.

If you sell tobacco products you will really want to start using the NRS point of sale system with the optional Scan Data service. If you are not taking advantage of Scan Data than you are losing money and possibly driving your customer elsewhere to a place that does use Scan Data. Scan Data allows the Tobacco companies to give you rebates but more important it allows you to give instant rebates to your customers that the tobacco companies pay you back for. All of this makes you more money because customers come back to your store for their tobacco products, and you gain the rebates and reimbursements. It is a win win for your and your customers.

Did you know NRS POS includes Age Verification to help you prevent selling age restricted items to minors Using the same bar code scanner that you scan your items with you will be able to scan the ID of your customers and get instant feedback if they are old enough to buy that product. The system will automatically force the cashier to scan an OD whenever an age restricted item is sold in a transaction. Because the cashier does not have to enter the data they simply scan the ID of the customer it takes the human error out of the equation. There are even more reasons to this to start using the NRS POS system as soon as you can.

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