Optima APOS-03 POS Bundle with Integrated Payment Terminal


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Price requires a qualifying merchant service account

Product Description

The Powerful Optima APOS-03 is a Robust POS System

A you looking for a POS solution that gives you flexibility, affordability and great features? Well stop searching because we have your solution right here with our bundle that features an APOS-03 Touch Screen POS terminal with built in receipt printer, a cash drawer, and an integrated PAX A35 payment terminal. The OPTIMA APOS-03 is designed for both retail and restaurant applications. This system is very scalable and allows you to expand with the modules you may need like bar code scanning or kitchen printing.

This bundle includes the best of a modern POS system with some of the benefits of a traditional system. For example, the OPTIMA system can still be purchased outright like traditional systems, you don't have to make monthly payments forever like so many other systems. You will love how easy to use this POS system is and how much flexibility you have in setting up your systems like being able to have unlimited items, unlimited payment types, unlimited keyboards (screens) all in an easy-to-use intuitive user interface.

Our APOS-03 Bundle includes a merchant processing account with very competitive pricing The best practice for operating your store or restaurant is to integrate the credit card terminal directly to your POS system. Why is this you maybe asking yourself. Well because integrating your credit card terminal ensures accuracy and greatly enhances security and the speed of transactions. When you are not integrated you run the risk of transactions being lost or under-collecting the correct amount because you are relying on busy cashiers re-entering the amount of the sale in the credit card terminal. Even the most honest of cashiers make mistakes, they're busy! Just imagine your cashier just made a $29.99 sale but when they quickly re-entered the amount of the sale into a standalone credit card terminal, they missed the first or last number of the amount. Now all the sudden instead of charging your customer $29.95 for the sale you have only collected $2.99 or $9.99 either way that's far short of what the sale was. This is why other store or restaurant owners integrate payments now that it is very affordable and is considered best practice. Our merchant processing rates are very competitive, and we will work with you on the pricing.