Sharp UP-600 Cash Register and PC Poll Sofware

The Sharp UP-600 was a powerful retail cash register but it is no longer being made. If you are still using this model and would like to connect it to PC Poll we could help you however we advise against it. The reason is because the UP-600 is so old you would not want to invest resources into it. On the flip side though if you have been using this system for bar code scanning and have a large UPC database built up you could buy PC Poll, upload your UPC database and convert it to a new system. In that case investing money into PC Poll for your register makes a lot of sense as rebuilding your UPC database can be very costly.

We can help you convert your UPC database to a SAM4s cash register if you would like. There are quite a few models of SAM4s to select from including versions that operate on Android giving you options a cash register has never had before. Give us a call we can consult with you on the best path forward with your Sharp UP-600 cash register 800-863-2274