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Product Description

Adjustable Rear Display for SAM4s Cash Registers

This display attaches to your register with a serial cable. This is an easy to ready customer facing display that is 9.25" wide by 3.25 high. There are two lines of up to twenty characters of text. It comes with adjustable height poles to allow you to select up to five different sizes. Those sizes range from:

  • 5 1/8th inches
  • 9 1/16th inches
  • 13" Inches
  • 15 3/4" inches
  • 19 5/8th" inches

Most rear displays are easy to install

While they are not plug and play that are not to difficult to install either. Couple things to keep in mind before ordering. Does your model SAM4s register support a rear display? Do you have an available serial port on your cash register to connect it with? You will also need the programming manual for you register to turn the display on, simply attaching to an available port will not make it work. We are available for support should you require it. Please call us regarding compatibility with your register before ordering this item. We can be reach at 800-863-2274