Point of Sale Software and Hardware Bundles

SAM4s makes more than just cash registers. Their SAM4pos Application is a powerful point of sale applications that operates on their POS hardware models including the SAP-530F, SAP-530R, SAP-4800II and the SAP-6600 and I'm sure more will follow. The SAM4pos also works on the SAM4s Tablet as well.

SAM4pos has features making it suitable for both retail stores and restaurants. The hardware choices give you a great deal of flexibility and can be mixed and matched. SAM4s designed their system with choices in mind for you unlike other Android systems. As an example with SAM4pos you can pay monthly or buy the system. You can pick your choice of their hardware from flat or raised keyboards or touch screen and lastly you can use any credit card provider you would like. You are not stuck with getting your POS system from you credit card provider.

For more information about the point of sale system available from SAM4s please give us a call at 800-863-2274 so we can help you decide if this system might work for you.