SAM4s SPS-500 series I/O Board


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Product Description

SAM4s SPS-500 series I/O (input - Output) board is a crucial component of the SPS series registers. This board will work in the following models:
  • SPS-520F
  • SPS-520R
  • SPS-530F
  • SPS-530F

Replacing the I/O board is a pretty major undertaking and not recommended for the average end-user. Please consider the steps required before undertaking this task. We suggest buying a new machine in some cases or having us perform the work. If you are really tech savvy and have no problems tearing and rebuilding computers than maybe you can accomplish this repair.

Please remember before attempting any repairs to first back up your register and if you do not know how we have created a simple how to video in the support section of this site. Also remember to unplug the register from power while attempting repairs.