SAM4s Advanced Exchange Warranty Program

SAM4s Cash Register Extended Warranty

SAM4s offers an upgrade to your cash register's standard warranty factory warranty. This upgrade is an advance next day exchange warranty. In case your register malfunctions under warranty SAM4s will ship you a replacement model OVERNIGHT and send you a call tag to pick up the defective unit. All of this is done at SAM4s' expense .You have until 30 days after your original purchase to add this valuable coverage. If you have any questions please call us at 800-863-2274

Here are some of the benefits of an Advance Exchange Warranty Provides

  • A replacement register the next day.
  • you may nothing for shipping of the replacement machine or the defective machine.
  • You may elect to add up to five years coverage.
  • Will save you money and will have even less down time.

What is not covered in the Advanced Exchange Warranty

  • Re-programming
  • Training
  • Keyboard Overlays or covers, Cash Drawers and drawer components like bill weights and springs.
  • Replacement Keys
  • Consumables are not covered
  • What should you expect or know about the Advanced Exchange Warranty

    • Warranty Shipments are only Available Monday through Friday.
    • We will ship a replacement Friday, however it won't arrive until Monday as weekends and holidays are not included.
    • You are responsible for the programming of the replacement register. We highly recommend have you cash register program be backed up to computer or SD card to enable you to re-program your replacement register.
    • Replacement machines will arrive with factory default keyboards and settings, making changes is not covered under the warranty and may be chargeable if required.

    All of the SAM4s registers and terminals are available with the extended warranty You can see the Complete list of SAM4s cash registers here