SAM4s Self Serve Kiosk


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Product Description

A Self Serve Kiosk helps you get more orders with fewer staff

Adding a SAM4s SAP-6600II Kiosk powered by SAM4pos keeps the orders coming in and increases customer satisfaction. If you are like everyone else you maybe finding it difficult to find enough staff for your restaurant. Adding a Kiosk to your restaurant can help relieve the staff shortage. Or maybe you have enough staff, but you just wish to give your guest more options and engage modern technology, either way this self-serve Kiosk does that.

The SAM4s Self Serve Restaurant Kiosk can also pull double duty. As an example maybe during your busiest times with a full staff you could put this terminal on the counter and have a cashier operate it like a traditional terminal, then later when you don't have as much staff on you can put the Kiosk out in the dining room and use it as a Kiosk. The Kiosk can be wall mounted if you would like or countertop (as pictured). Of course the Kisok works seamlessly with all the other SAM4pos terminals and shares the kitchen printers or kitchen video display if you have one.

And like all the SAM4pos products the Kiosk is also credit card agnostic, meaning you could use it with any merchant services you would like, you will never be locked into a payment processor. Also again just like the other SAM4s products this system is not cloud based, your date stays right there in your business. Another huge benefit is unlike the other restaurant Kiosk on the market this one does not require a subscription. You can buy this system outright with no monthly payments required or term contract, we don't think any other Kiosk system can make those claims.

The SAM4s Kiosk Comes fully programmed, ready to start selling items. When you buy your system from us, we will make sure your system is custom programmed for your business. Your will work with our in-house programmers who will add all of your menu items and modifiers into your system. When you receive your new system, we will walk you through setting it up and train you on using and maintaining your menu.

Give us a call to explore if the SAM4s Kiosk is a good fit for your business. We are happy to discuss with you how the system works, how we deploy it in your business, and how we will provide long term support to you. We understand POS systems and how to successfully deploy them custom programmed for you. We can even arrange and online demonstration with you on this system to help you decide if this is the system for you or not. Call us at 800-863-2274.