SAM4s Cash Register USB adapters and serial cables

SAM4s Cash Register USB adapters and serial cables. These cables and adpaters help you complete the connection from your SAM4s cash register to your computer directly or via the internet. For more SAM4s cash register parts click here.

Please remember that most of the SAM4s cash registers made in the last ten years only have a serial port (aka RS-232) and you may need the serial cable and the USB adapter to connect to a modern register.

Many of the higher end newer SAM4s models use ethernet to connect to your PC directly or remotely so make sure and confirm your model and how it communicates to a computer.

  • SAM4s Cash Register Serial Cable

    SAM4s Cash Register Serial Cable

    Serial cables for SAM4s registers are used for cash register to PC communications. Please keep in mind most modern PC's or lap tops no longer have a serial port (RS232) but most SAM4s registers do have a serial port.

  • USB to Serial Adapter

    USB to Serial Adapter

    The USB to Serial Port Adapter allows you to connect your computer's USB port to the serial port of the SAM4s cash register. Please note Software still required, Serial Cable still required. Price does not include software, Serial Cable, or Support.