SAM4s ER-285M Cash Register

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Product Description

SAM4s ER-285M Cash Register

If you are looking for an entry level restaurant cash register than you cam to the right place. This model works very well in restaurants as well as specialty retail shops such as liquor stores or C-Stores. You may ask how can one register work well in both restaurant and retail? Well the reason is this machine  is dual purpose by using a flat keyboard with the ability to have 10000 UPC's making it fit very well in either application.

The SAM4s ER-285M also has many available options making it even more a complete system. The number one option that can makes it a complete   POS system is a credit card interface. Yes this small machine can be equipped with a credit card reader and interface allowing you to ring up your sales and process the card payment on one machine. This saves time allowing you to serve more customers faster and with better accuracy.

If you have any questions on this register please fell free to give us a call at 1-800-863-2274 we are experts and can service all of the models we sell.

The SAM4s ER-285M has been replaced with the SAM4s ER-265EJ

This entry level register features thermal printing, two-line LCD display, flat spill-resistant keyboard, and full-size heavy duty cash drawer. Unique black cabinet will complement retail and bar environments.

  • High Speed 13 Lines per Second Thermal Printer
  • Wide 2-1/4" (58mm) Paper
  • Easy Auto-Feed Paper Loading
  • Heavy-Duty Cash Drawer with Media Slot and 3-Way Lock
  • Two-Line Easy-to-Read Liquid Crystal Display
  • UPC Scanning
  • Flat, Spill-Resistant 49-Position Keyboard
  • SD Memory Port Stores Register Programs and Reports
  • Programmable Graphic Logos for Coupons and Advertising Messages
  • Electronic Journal Replaces Need for Detail Paper Rolls
  • Standard RS-232C Port for External Devices, Two Additional Ports Optionally Available

Need help deciding if this is the right machine for you? Give us a call at 800-863-2274

Additional Information

For SAM4s ER-285 Cash Register Details Click Here

For the SAM4s ER-285 Cash Register Keyboard Template click here

See below for add-on options for the SAM4s ER-285M cash register

Interfaced Scale for the SAM4s ER-285M Cash Register Interfacing Scale This scale interfaces to SAM4s Cash Registers and weighs in ounces! Perfect for self serve yogurt shops, produce stands, meat markets, fish markets and more.

Honeywell 5145 scanner for the SAM4s ER-285M The Honeywell Eclipse 5145 Hand Held Scanner is an entry level scanner designed for retail stores. Not recommended for a really fast paced retail store, for that select one of the scanners below.

Honeywell 9520 Scanner for SAM4s 285M Cash Register The Honeywell Voyager 9520 Hand Held Scanner with stand. This is a hand held laser scanner and very suitable for busy retail stores. Leave it in the stand for quick presentation scanning or pick it up when you need to. This is a very popular scanner and because it is laser it is fast and accurate.

Honeywell 3780 Scanner for the SAM4s ER-285M Cash Register The Honeywell Fusion 3780 Hand Held Scanner with stand. This is an omni directional scanner that is much faster than a single line scanner is. This is because an omni-directional scanner has many lines of laser so it reads at any angle. If you want fast and accurate you want an omni directional scanner like this one. Works in the stand as a presentation scanner or pick it up and works great hand held too.

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