SAM4s ER-380M cash register

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Product Description

The SAM4s ER-380M was an entry level cash register with optional credit card interface. It has been discontinued. A good replacement would be one of the following models ER-260EJ, ER-265EJ, ER-925 or the ER-945.

No more reason to have a stand alone credit card terminal. The Samsung ER-380M Cash Register with the optional credit card interface increases tranaction speed, eliminates mistakes, requires less room, and more. The Samsung ER-380M Cash Register also includes features like: Two-Line Backlit Liquid-Crystal Alpha-Numeric Display Drop-in paper loading and graphic logo printing Electronic journal captures transaction information 500 PLUs; 12 PLU category keys (NLUs) Up to 10 clerks or cashiers with separate report totals Four tax rates or tax tables with value added tax (VAT) capability Two RS-232C communications port for POS peripherals like a scale, kitchen printer, coin dispenser, pole display, or PC.

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There are other entry level cash registers that are good replacement for the ER-380M is the SAM4s NR-510 cash register